63 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

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ReSet Tuesday - Integrating Non-Physical into your Protocol--Carolyn Dean MD ND 

Throughout human history the origins of health and medical practice emerges from the cultural and religious perspective of the society. In Western society, the influence of science [microscopes, devices and technology] drove the deeply embedded Eastern influences of body, mind, spirit approach away and ushered in an exclusively body- mind perspective. The result is the ‘Modern Medicine’ scene in our country today where evidence-based medicine rules and regulates the day and nonconventional or complementary medicine is set aside as insignificant and unproven. 

Tonight, on Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE we’re going to delve into the Modern Medicine dilemma and learn about my recommendations for bringing Spirit back into the body-mind equation balancing our being at the cellular level. 

As my regular listeners know, I’ve said for many years that I developed my product line for myself. As someone who suffered from a-fib and variety of other maladies, I began to research solutions and then seek the products that would meet the biological requirements of the body – duplicating natures design for highly absorbed minerals and nutrients. 

Similarly, I also sought a solution in nature from which I could relinquish the spiritual rituals of Eastern medicine and work cooperatively with my own cellular energy to achieve the balance and stress relief many of those rituals prescribe. 

There is a bit of a backstory to the development of the RnA ReSet Drops which I will talk about on the radio show tonight. For the purpose of the blog, I’ll just say I began to develop in Drops in June, 2010. The RnA ReSet Drops have been studied throughout their manufacture and distribution since that time. The process of documentation and repeated observation are scientific in their nature and although the RnA ReSet Drops have not been clinically studied there is enough anecdotal value in what has been observed that I have begun to incorporate the RnA ReSet Drops liquid, powder, and mash as part of the product offerings at RnAReset.com to consumers around the world. 

Many people ask me what the RnA ReSet Drops are and the most basic answer is germinated organic barley in a liquid form. There are many health benefits from barley that have been scientifically studied or proven so that part is easy! 

The RnA ReSet Drops are made in a similar fashion to a homeopathic - meaning that they carry the resonance of the previous batches in them. So, at Generation 165 - or batch 165 – their resonance can act like an 'attunement' or a balancer. The RnA ReSet Drops have been tested repeatedly on the Zyto machine and has found to balance many out-of-balance stressors in the body's energy field: https://drcarolyndeanlive.com/2014/08/11/zyto-machine-and-rna-drops/ 

In 2018, I worked with my team to complete a study on growing live crops with the RnA ReSet Drop mash that is left over once the liquid is harvested for bottling. The evidence gathered from the study is outlined in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYtwEN2zj-E 

What happens when you bring non-physical back into the body in an intentional, consumable way? The answer to that question lies in the response of thousands of our customers who have used our RnA ReSet Drops products over the years. Reports include boosting energy, elevating mood, balancing blood sugars, and adjusting appetites including reducing the impulse for sugar, cigarettes, smoke, and alcohol. Many consumers notice improvements in hair and skin, energy, and mood within the first 30 days. Several reports of improvement in chronic conditions indicate that at least 90 days of use is recommended at the daily dose of 15 Drops 2x daily. 

Each batch of RnA ReSet Drops is the testing through FDA certified 3rd party labs and reveals the quality and consistency of the product. Each batch is free of allergens, heavy metals, and reflects the beneficial nutritional assets of each crop. 

When it comes to doing your own research, we invite you to try the RnA ReSet Drops. The science of the RnA ReSet Drops in humans is presently in the form of studies where the number of people in the study is one. N=1. N=1 is the oldest form of scientific research. The individual participates in his/her own study and makes observations. A person may stop and start the drops and observe what happens; they may take less Drops or more Drops and observe what happens. A person may take the Drops to effect a particular change in their body, but we remind people that the body “heals” in a priority sequence and what they want may not be what the body requires at that moment. People are very often amazed how the genius of the body is expressed under the influence of the Drops. 

We are proud to offer the RnA ReSet Drops to our customers. We also happily include the RnA ReSet Drops in Dr. Dean’s Total Body ReSet Bundle and the RnA ReSet Powder in ReStructure, Flora ReVive, Whole C ReSet, D3K2 ReSet and Vitamin C ReSet Powder.

Video Version: https://youtu.be/oSfnhPaalSI

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