27 minutes | Jul 15, 2017

Know Before You Go: Up in the Air

Your zany flight crew will touch on the dos and don’ts to make your life easier in the airport and on the airplane.  Some people think flying can be stressful. At the DreamTrips Podcast, we think it is should be the opposite! Today, we will assist you in navigating some of the myths and tips regarding air travel, from airport security screening to your in-flight meal. ----more---- Cruising at 35,000 feet (around 11,000 meters), returning game show champion and WorldVentures™ Video Producer Logan Harris will pit his knowledge against that of Fadia Hanson, a member favorite with 36 years of experience as a flight attendant. These two go head-to-head in competition for the coveted “Know Before You Go Mastermind” title. They provide tips along the way — with some comedic anecdotes mixed in — to help you make your next flight experience more enjoyable. With Wayne’s “More Than a Travel Tip … Tip,” Jason’s social media insight and a surprise announcement, this episode will take you on an emotional roller coaster through the clouds. Opening 01:51   Wayne reveals just how he knows one of today’s guests. 02:33   Why utilize a game show format to get our message across today? 03:04   What is the “More than a travel tip… tip” about today? Today’s Feature 04:02   Hannah acts as quiz master on this episode of the DreamTrips Podcast Game Show, Know Before You Go 2: Up in the Air. 04:39   Hannah introduces the subject of today’s ridicule, your podcast host, Wayne. 04:57   Wayne welcomes contestant #1, the returning champion, Logan Harris. 05:28   Introducing the challenger! World traveler and longtime member, Fadia Hanson. 06:19   Wayne reminds you of the rules to the game show. 06:52   Question 1: the things that you can take through airport security in the USA . 08:00   Fadia tells a sheepish story based on an actual flight . 09:23   Question 2: What scenario would leave Wayne looking for another flight? 11:17   Question 3: Jams and spreads… can you bring them through security? 12:30   Bonus Round: it’s a numbers game you have to know. 13:20   Fadia tells of how a famous person made her laugh in flight. Host Chatter 16:46   Between segments your co-hosts discuss the difference between DreamTrips Marketplace and the Online Shopping Mall. 17:27   How do DreamTrips Members earn Rovia Bucks* and get their kids ready for back to school? Social Beat 19:11   Jason Clayden reveals some insider secrets from www.smarter travel.com and Travel Channel. 21:35   What Jason’s airline friends suggest. Closing 22:29   Contact the DreamTrips Podcast on social media with #DTpodcast. 22:58   Hannah DeClerk makes a big announcement. 24:49   Your flight(y) crew reveal the “More Than a Travel Tip…Tip.” 26:06   Other ways you can go back and revisit past podcast episodes. Addresses, websites and phone #s mentioned in this episode Get to know us by visiting the official DreamTrips Podcast website. Rate us and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts (in iTunes), Stitcher and Google Play. Share your tips and stories with us on social media with #DTpodcast.  DreamTrips Members can download the DreamTrips App on iTunes and Google Play to check out all our episodes! *Rovia Bucks cantake up to 90 days or more to be credited to your account and percentage earned with vary according to merchant.  Please see Membership Terms & Conditions for more details. 
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