27 minutes | Aug 15, 2017

Bleisure Travel

Check out “bleisure travel” — business travel with time for leisure — and hear from a seasoned traveler and blogger. Whether it’s a few days or a longer multistop trip, business travel is now the reality for many people. Try making your next work trip more enjoyable as a “bleisure traveler.” Add a day or two to explore your destination and its unique culture — you may also discover something about yourself. ----more----Bleisure travel is a part of life for the podcast team: Jason frequently visits family in South Africa, and Wayne and guest co-host Courtney have bleisured together in sunny Florida. Guest co-host Courtney Tyler brings 12 years of experience at WV to her playful banter with Wayne. She’s known Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent since she started at the company, and was even stuck with him once in an elevator! With Wayne’s “More Than a Travel Tip … Tip,” Jason’s social beat, and appearances by Blanca Balli and WorldVentures Foundation Executive Director Gwyneth Lloyd, you can expect an extremely bleisurable time! Opening [01:13]    Wayne reveals today’s special guest co-host. [02:06]    Just what is the correct way to pronounce bleisure travel? [03:12]    Where Courtney and Wayne met for the first time. [04:28 ]   What is the “More than a Travel Tip … Tip” about today? Today’s Feature [05:54]    We introduce Blanca Balli as today’s guest. [06:39]    What Blanca’s responsibilities are at our travel company. [07:26]    The best time to do your bleisure travel. [07:42]    The coolest place Blanca has visited. [08:08]    Is it important to research the area you are visiting? [08:40]    “… my favorite part.” [09:01]    The benefits of solo vs. group bleisuring. [09:53]    Don’t dare Blanca to do something — she will not back down from a challenge. [11:02]    Experience the culture or see the sights? [12:26]    Dealing with travel challenges. [13:27]    The difference between being a traveler and an adventurer. [14:18]    How to embrace the opportunity to grow. Host Chatter [16:14]    Between segments, your co-hosts discuss the interview with Blanca [17:31]    Breaking news from *WorldVentures Foundation. Social Beat [20:45]    The Global Business Travel Association and Hilton survey results on bleisure travel and some interesting stats from booking.com. [21:09]    Tips from JetLux Hotels to make business and pleasure mix well. [22:13]    The opportunities with bleisure travel and employer policies. Closing [23:46]    Contact the DreamTrips Podcast on social media with #DTpodcast. [24:23]    Your flight(y) crew reveal the “More than a Travel Tip … Tip.” [25:50]    Our next episode will feature “Colorful Autumn Destinations.” Addresses, websites and phone #s mentioned in this episode Get to know us by visiting the official DreamTrips Podcast website. Rate us and subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts (in iTunes), Stitcher and Google Play. Share your tips and stories with us on social media with #DTpodcast.  DreamTrips Members can download the DreamTrips App on iTunes and Google Play to check out all our episodes! Booking.com statistics on bleisure travel. Great bleisure travel tips from JetLux Hotels.  Blanca Balli’s blog www.thewifeyadventures.com * 17IN17 GUATAMALA GIVEAWAY: You can show your heart to serve & win a VoluTour for 2 while helping kids get an education in Guatemala — a country where only 3 out of 10 children complete the 6th grade. Please help by fundraising for the 17IN17: Guatemala Giveaway.  Terms and conditions apply, so please visit the WorldVentures Foundation website for full details and contest rules.
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