15 minutes | May 31, 2019

Episode 5: Or Penguins

Lorien closes in. Derrick wakes up.  Written by Chance Muehleck Directed by Melanie S. Armer Produced by Nerve Tank Media Co-produced by Yvonne Jung & Anthony Ruivivar Sound Design by Kevin Dippold  Lorien James: Yvonne Jung Amy Polhemus: Susan Louise O’Connor Derrick Silver: Anthony Ruivivar Rebecca: Robin Reed Carl: Brandon Alan Smith Stephanie: Donna Simone Johnson Rod Burns: Max E. Williams Kim Burns: Wendy Johnson Bruce: Gary Lamb Additional Voices: Rachel Rath, Chance Muehleck  Intro Music: Saint Me The Martyr by Ecstatics. Written by Admiral Grey and Matthew Dunehoo. From the album "10,000 Years Of Ecstatics,” © 2013. Outro Music: I Can’t Talk by The Simple Pleasure. Written by Chad Raines. From the album “VHS Mixes,” © 2017. Additional music by Setuniman.
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