46 minutes | Jan 24, 2021

Quppi Aparna’s Guide to Success – From Bottle Art to Social Media

Meet Aparna aka Quppi who is turning discarded bottles into a work of art. Aparna who hails from Kollam district of Kerala is setting the perfect examples for the young and old alike on how you can use your time for constructive things. In this chat, she explains how she stumbled upon the idea of Quppi. Aparna is not just an entrepreneur, she has also completed her D.Ed and hopes to be a teacher of teachers one day as well. She is multi-talented and has many dreams. Listen to this inspiring episode of the Malayalam podcast where Aparna opens up about the journey of Quppi and her mantras for success. It is truly an inspirational talk, if you listen carefully, you are sure to get pearls of wisdom which are going to help you with achieving your dreams or for living your life to the fullest. So, please tune in.
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