40 minutes | Jul 5, 2021

Maria Kuriakose - Turning Kerala’s discarded Coconut Shells into contemporary items

Maria Kuriakose quit her safe corporate job in Bombay and returned to her homeland Kerala. She had a dream in her mind. Maria wanted to start a business with a purpose. She had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur from a very young age. Maria Kuriakose is the founder of the Sustainable Company Thenga Coco that employs many local artisans from Kerala. She has been able to create employment and a stable income for many artisans whose craft was slowly dying. In this episode of Malayalam Podcast with Maria, you will listen to her life story, how was she able to start a business on her own, what were her prior experiences that helped her in this venture and more. Kerala needs more Woman Entrepreneurs like Maria. Wishing Maria all the best for her future visions and dreams.
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