50 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

DC 164: Gresham Harkless & Ryan Awai - More Than 1100 Episodes?

 Adam Carswell brings on special guests Gresham Harkless & Ryan Awai, podcasting and business entrepreneurs, changing the game by having newcomer to podcasting Ryan ask Adam and Gresham how they’ve mastered this space. 


In this episode, Adam, Gresham and Ryan talk about:

  • The importance of networking to create quality content for podcasts
  • Forming your own story to create unique content and connect with others
  • How Adam and Gresham make their podcasts stand out from the competition 
  • What the process of creating a podcast episodes looks like for Adam and Gresham
  • The basic materials and equipments needed to start your own podcast


Adam would like to give a huge thanks to Gresham and Ryan for coming on the Dream Chasers platform and sharing their knowledge and experience .


Connect with Gresham Harkless: 

Website: https://blue16media.com/  | https://iamgresh.com 

Connect with Ryan Awai: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-awai-038a7a1/ 


Timestamped Shownotes:

02:32 – Host Adam Carswell introduces Gresham Harkless & Ryan Awai, Podcasting and Business entrepreneurs 

05:55 – What is the biggest skill Gresham has gotten from podcasting?

08:43 – What is the biggest skill Gresham has gotten from podcasting?

09:09 – What is the biggest benefit Ryan likes about podcasting?

10:19 – Why did Gresham choose podcasts to spread his content rather than a different forum? 

12:22 – Why did Adam choose to start podcasting?

14:41 – What is the purpose of Adam’s podcast?

16:05 – What personal and professional goals did Gresham have for podcasting?

18:03 – How do Gresham and Adam set their podcasts apart from others? 

21:30 – Why is persistence key to making your podcast stand out?

22:43 – What is Adam’s process for creating and sharing podcast episodes?

25:45 – What is Gresham’s process for creating and sharing podcast episodes?

28:44 – How did Gresham set up his process for creating his daily podcasts?

31:18 – Why is follow-up automation of episode content with guests important?

33:11 – What are the basic materials and equipment you need to start a podcast?

36:19 – What resources do Gresham and Adam use to create their content?

39:41 – Do Adam and Gresham post all of their podcast episodes? 

44:00 – What is a good number of episodes to record as a basis to launch a podcast? 


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