59 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

DC 162: Travis Day - 18 Months of What?

Adam Carswell brings on special guest Travis Day, Medical Professional & CRN, to discuss the chaos and constraints that the world has been facing over the past 18 months.


In this episode, Travis talks about:

  • How the atmosphere has significantly changed in Canada because of COVID
  • Suppression of critical thinking based on censorship by governments and mainstream media
  • The medical segregation going on due to your perception on the COVID-19 vaccine
  • The importance of analyzing and contextualizing facts and statistics 
  • The dangers of taking away people’s basic freedoms and suppressing fundamental factors in staying healthy 


Adam would like to give a huge thanks to Travis for coming on the Dream Chasers platform and sharing his knowledge and experience in his personal and professional life over the past 18 months of the pandemic.


Watch the YouTube replay here:  https://youtu.be/Z_MMQbGDhBQ


Contact Travis Day:

Instagram: @TravisDay7


Episode Resources: Adam J. Carswell Facebook Group 


Timestamped Shownotes:

00:09 – Host Adam Carswell introduces Travis Day, Medical Professional & CRN

03:52 – What was it like for Travis to grow up in Canada, specifically Newfoundland?

06:14 – How has the atmosphere changed in Newfoundland due to the pandemic? 

12:14 – How has the ability to critically think about and conduct a cost-benefit analysis on the COVID vaccine been suppressed for individuals and medical professionals ?

18:55 – What kind of pressure for censorship has been applied to people speaking on the vaccine?

19:29 – How has the mainstream media and government entities implicitly and explicitly condemned people who raise vaccine hesitancy?

27:04 – Why is it dangerous to have a disregard for conflicting studies and viewpoints? 

29:27 – What is shocking about the effects that COVID has had on Canadia and freedom of choice, based on statistics?

34:20 – Why do people need to contextualize the news and statistics they hear to make sense of it?

38:21 – Is it justifiable to enforce and continue a lockdown and mandatory restrictions?

40:22 – What are the 3 core fundamentals that people need to stay healthy?

41:03 – Why are some restrictions on people’s freedom not justifiable, even with logic or science? 

47:05 – Why does Travis strongly believe in being authentic to yourself?

51:41 – What is Travis’ advice to other medical professionals who feel as though their opinions are not being respected?


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