30 minutes | Jul 2, 2022

Katherine Ong shares her insights as an independent contributor, in-house SEO, consultant, and mentor

In this very first episode of Dreading Sundays, you will hear from Katherine Watier Ong.

Why have I asked her to headline the podcast? Is it because she has her own Google knowledge panel?

Well, Katherine has worked in-house, for not-for-profits, run her own consultancy (wostrategies.com) and earned the job title of VP at Ketchem - a PR and communications consultancy/agency, so she has plenty of experience in SEO and digital marketing.

More importantly, she has jumped from jobs in order to progress in her career and in order to earn more.

Tune into this episode to hear how she carved out her position in the industry and what her top tips are for those who are starting out in digital/SEO and for those who are wanting to be promoted but don't know how.

You can connect with Katherine via LinkedIn.

She produces and hosts her own podcast called Digital Marketing Victories.

Read the full summary here - https://www.danielkcheung.com.au/dreading-sundays/katherine-ong/

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