31 minutes | Jul 30th 2018

DLT podcast: 01 Jonathan Sharp

Episode 1: interview with Jonathan Sharp (University of Tübingen) In this first episode I interview Jonathan, who describes his journey from Scotland via Vienna to Tübingen (Germany) and tells us… …how being a bit reluctant about drama in high school he ended up loving it, …how working as an actor and teaching English simultaneously gave him the idea to combine the two and use rehearsal room techniques in English lessons, …his experiences as an English language tutor at university who uses Drama in Education methods/applied drama e.g. with students aiming to be English teachers. Show Notes Drama in SPRACHPRAXIS at a German University English Department: Practical Solutions to Pedagogical Challenges (article in Scenario) Macbeth in the Higher Education English Language Classroom (article in Scenario) Tübingen University English department Abonnieren: RSS |   Stitcher | Android| iTunes
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