0 minutes | Oct 1, 2020

Episode 8: The one where we talk about barrels

On this episode, Chelsey and Pam talk about the transformative magic of BARRELS. Learn about how the flavour is infused into the spirit and all the factors that affect the process..because theres a lot!We also have a few thoughts on the Jim Murray Whisky Bible controversy and our own experiences with sexism in the industry.Also, check out our thoughts on the feature whisky of the podcast, the Edradour Ballechin 8 year Old. Spoiler alert: we like.***tech note*** Chelsey's Mic broke, so we apologize for her sound quality! Time Stamps2:09 - Pam gets some recognition for being awesome2:48 - Our thoughts on the Whisky Bible controversy4:48 - our personal experiences of sexism in the industry9:39 - Barrel Talk Begins!10:31 - Flavortown!13:21 - Bourbons role in scotch17:24 - Chelsey: the first and only Sherry Influencer on Tik Tok???19:26 - Some quick science on charring27:20 - Thurst Impression of the Edradour Ballechin 8 year
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