24 minutes | Aug 14, 2020

MivaCon, Memories, and Magic! Why Great People = Great Business - Dragonproof Podcast Episode 21 

As professional conferences and trade shows go digital to protect public safety in 2020, an important aspect of these events must be championed - the human, interpersonal connections that are made there by co-workers and peers. 


On this special episode of the Dragonproof Podcast, Rick Wilson calls up 2 beloved veterans of Miva's annual MivaCon gathering, to chat about some of their favorite memories and the people they've met along the way. Guests Leslie Kirk and Bruce Golub, each ecommerce maestros who have helped businesses reach new heights of success, prove why our humanity, technology, and business success always fuel one another. 


For more information about MivaCon Digital Day 2020, please visit:  https://mivacon20.com


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