45 minutes | Feb 6th 2020

Healthy Blueprint 2020

Dr. Ro is on the case to help you wade through the mumbo, jumbo non-sense
and get to the bottom line of “Shady Food Labels. Plus Learn how to protect
yourself against a potentially dangerous “ingredient” in your rice and should you
buy organic food? The answer might surprise you. Its her first show of the new
season and its packed with all manner of nutrition and food intel to make your life
better. Plus if you want to lose weight, belly fat, and curb sugar cravings she’s
offering two options and both will help you to reach your goals!
Option 1: The Best
-Work with Dr. Ro in her All NEW Six Weeks To Sexy Coaching Program.
Apply here: everythingro.com/6wts
Option 2: Better
You can also get her Fresh Start Weight-loss Bundle Here: no application
necessary. Just click and start losing today here: everythingro.com/fresh-start
Follow Dr. Ro on Social Media and Sign up for the Final 15 Challenge to join Dr.
Ro’s List at everythingro.com.
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