40 minutes | Nov 15th 2019

DeMane Davis: TV/Film Producer/Director, Queen Sugar (OWN), How To Get Away With Murder (ABC), The Red Line (CBS), Station 19 (ABC) PART 1

An intimate, life-giving, and at times gripping conversation with DeMane Davis,Producer/Director of Season 3 of Ava Duvernay’s Queen Sugar on OWN (OprahWinfrey Network) and current Producer/Director of the upcoming Netflix series,“On Her Own” The Madame CJ Walker Story. Get your whole life with this two-part interview. In part one, she shares a devastating and debilitating health secretthat she overcame. She offers her personal blueprint for setting your intention formanifesting the life you want. Plus why Oprah’s “Where Are They Now” didn’t doit for her and her love of live tweeting. It empowers, is impactful and you’ll want toshare this podcast interview with everyone! Be inspired by Pt. 1 and be sure youtune in for Pt. 2 next Friday!
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