21 minutes | Mar 5, 2021

Actor-Comedian, Rodney Perry, “Coming 2 America” PT. 2

In Part 2 Dr. Ro sits down with Actor, Comedian, Rodney Perry, whose new role in the iconic film, “Coming 2 America”, is the biggest yet. In this episode Rodney shares his experience of how life can be a teacher to us all. And we get a behind the scenes look on set of the “Coming 2 America” film. Dr. Ro shares a personal “sexual chocolate” story, and offers Coaching advice on a surefire way to move your life forward. This is a master class in listening to your life and grabbing hold of its rewards in ways you never dreamed. For Rodney it resulted in being cast in “Coming 2 America”! Not bad for the comedian who couldn’t walk a single step or remember his own jokes.
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