17 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

Top 7 Benefits of a Ketogenic Lifestyle

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We’ve heard of the weight loss and fat loss benefits the ketogenic diet and lifestyle can offer. But, beyond the weight and the fit physique, there are so many more important gains we can enjoy by switching to this lifestyle. Dr. Jockers shares the most prevalent ones that are directly impacting our health and nutrition. Learn what these benefits are and how we can start our journey towards a healthier, stronger, and more mentally able self!


“A ketogenic diet and lifestyle is an approach to nutrition and a lifestyle that helps your body use fat for fuel.”

- Dr. David Jockers


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In This Episode:


- There are various sources of fuel the body can use to operate daily. Discover a more efficient, clean-burning fuel that offers more energy minus the metabolic wastes!


- Find out what a sugar burner is like and the things produced in the body while in a sugar-burning mode that impacts the cells.


- Why we want to develop metabolic flexibility and the steps needed to achieve it.


- Top benefits our overall health can reap from adopting a ketogenic lifestyle and the top 6 benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle to our brain functions.


- The major compound that is key to keeping the production of abnormal cells in our bodies in check, and where this compound is sourced from.




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- The Fasting Transformation by Dr. David Jockers


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