19 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

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Chef Alice Waters said it best when she said, “food can be transformational, and it can be more than just a dish.” That is so true, especially for this episode. Today, Dr. Jockers shares his 10 favorite foods that are great for building healthy, strong bodies and enhancing one’s physique. He talks about the key nutrients needed to stimulate the fat-burning process and the food sources that support fat-burning activities within the body. If your goal is to lose not just weight but also those unwanted fats that are doing you more harm than good, these foods are exactly what you should be munching on right now!


“We can use food as medicine to help our body burn fat, build lean body tissue, muscle and bone, improve our brain, and transform our overall physique.”

- Dr. David Jockers


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In This Episode:


- Ta da! Dr. Jockers reveals the ancient elixir that stimulates your digestive juices and dials down any acid reflux.


- Next, he divulges his 4 favorite benefits of having more of these juices AND the foods that keep them flowing.


- Where to find the best “beauty foods” that work wonders for your skin and your overall physique.


- These “super seeds” help you build lean body tissues by using fat for fuel, thanks to their rich essential nutrients and key amino acids. 


- Discover the best healthy oil for cooking (Bonus: It also teaches your body how to metabolize fat and stimulate fat-burning mechanisms!).




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The Fasting Transformation by Dr. David Jockers


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