77 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

Leaky Gut, Endotoxemia, Inflammation and Microbiome Reconditioning with Kiran Krishnan

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When things fall out of order, get to the source. That’s the place to start, says microbiologist Kiran Krishnan as he joins Dr. Jockers in today’s episode to talk about the microbiome as a whole and its critical role in the overall conditioning of the body. He shares how a leaky gut can enforce damage to the microbiome, the toxins that can cause the damage, and how you can recondition and repair from within. Find out the foods you can add to your diet as the best probiotics that are great for microbiome support.


“Guarding and protecting the body is an understated function of the microbiome. It guards what enters our body and how our immune system responds to everything it is exposed to.”

- Kiran Krishnan


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In This Episode:


- Get to know your microbiome and how it is vitally linked to all of the genetic elements and microorganisms in your body.


- Your digestive tract’s role as the perfect gatekeeper to determine what gets inside our bodies and what you want it to keep out!


- How good a healthy gut looks and feels versus a dysfunctional microbiome that can lead to aggravating inflammation and a leaky gut.


- Stop endotoxemia BEFORE it begins, by learning where these toxins come from and why it’s critical to remove them BEFORE they leak into your blood


- The key compound that feeds bacteria, potentially generating the root cause of many chronic illnesses when the gut becomes leaky.


- How to build a dream team of bacterial diversity and why you need to train your main players first to reinforce the 3Rs (recondition, reinforce, repair) in the gut.




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The Fasting Transformation by Dr. David Jockers



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