25 minutes | Jun 17, 2021

3 Ways Fasting Improves Autoimmune Conditions

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The majority of the population is now more attentive to their health and the things they eat to fuel their bodies with their nutrition needs. In line with this change comes the attempt to understand the factors that may pose a threat to the body and put your health at risk. Autoimmune conditions appear to be one of the prevailing concerns these days hence, it is important to get to the root of what triggers these autoimmune conditions. Inflammation is the dominant culprit that puts the autoimmune system under serious threat. Learn how the different fasting strategies play a major role in addressing chronic inflammation issues and help prevent autoimmune conditions.


“You have to put inflammation under control if you want to be healthy and well.”

- Dr. David Jockers


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In This Episode:


- Unearth the root of practically EVERY SINGLE degenerative, chronic, and autoimmune condition on the planet.


- Why asthma is really a chronic inflammatory condition, NOT an autoimmune disorder (and why that matters)


- How ‘tight junctions’ block infection from getting into your body and the major factor in diseases breaking through.


- 3 amazingly positive ways fasting impacts the immune system and the 7 simple steps to jumpstart your journey TODAY via intermittent fasting.


- Tailor how long and how often you fast to best suit your specific body type and health goals.




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