57 minutes | Mar 17, 2021

Episode #37 With Dr Lyn Patrick, Part 2, on the Danger of the COVID vaccine

Lyn Patrick ND is co-chair of the annual Environmental Health Symposium happening the end of April this year. An old housemate of mine form Bastyr so long ago we talk about vaccines in Part 2 of our discussion about COVID and why so many in the naturopathic community have been brainwashed to believe they are something we should all line up for. The bottom line: vaccines are a coverup for bad healthcare. The fact this country (US) has such continually deteriorating health with some of the lowest healthcare scores in the world is something we should all be questioning. And if we don't the planet or at least the people on it will be going the way of the dodo and dinosaur.  In fact Belgium virologist Geert Vanden Bossche, who has worked with Gates et al, and is very pro vaccine, has stated that a mass vaccination plan in the middle of a pandemic is a terrible idea and that it will lead to a massive healthcare crisis including deaths. We can only wait and see come Fall when COVID variants will most likely spike again. All I can say, and Lyn and many others join me in urging you to make a choice based on sound scientific knowledge. The COVID vaccines are an experimental drug. Why put yourself in danger when building your immune system naturally is well within your reach? This is why I wrote Surviving a Viral Pandemic through the Lens of a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. You can order it through any bookstore or get it on Amazon if you don't mind too much supporting Bezos. (His wife seems nice- she's donated millions of dollars to good causes apparently.)Above all, stay well and happy and have fun...amazing what joy does to the immune system!
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