59 minutes | Jan 21, 2021

Episode #33 Speaking with Dr. Lyn Patrick about the problems with the COVID vaccines

COVID Vaccines - This new technology is making those who are choosing to get vaccinated guinea pigs. Plus it doesn't stop you from transmitting the virus to others nor does it make you immune to it again. All it does is lessen symptoms if you don't get more serious side effects from the vaccine itself. Dr Lyn Patrick is a naturopathic physician who is co-chair of the Environmental Health Symposium 2021 coming up in April. She trained with the late Dr Walter Crinnion, doctor and writer about environmental toxicities and the need for detoxification for optimal and just generally good health. Now we are witnessing Chinese and Canadian scientists (who are not so easily censored as in the United States) warning about the problems with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Enjoy Dr. Lyn's knowledge and concern for our health.Also Surviving a Viral Pandemic through the lens of a naturopathic medical doctor is available worldwide. if you can't get it where you live please let me know at drheatherh@icloud.com.And again if you like what you hear on this no commercials podcast and/or in my books, essays and radio plays please consider going to patreon.com/heatherlouisaherington. Any amount is so appreciated so we can keep the podcast free and available to all.Stay well and happy!! xo
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