37 minutes | Oct 17, 2020

Episode #28 Black Woman in a White City, an activist speaks of her experience in Victoria B.C.

Of course Black Lives Matter.  (I know you know that.) And the sad and pathetic racism that continues to be experienced is not only in the United States. (I know you know that too.) I've always wanted to interview family friend Dominque Jacobs who was born in Cape Town, South Africa, fleeing persecution from the apartheid regime to come to  Canada in 1980s. She now lives in Victoria, British Columbia where she is raising four year old Jade on her own. She works for The Support Network for Indigenous Women and Women of Color continuing her work as a Communications Specialist with international experience. A passion for social justice issues, Dom identifies as an intersectional feminist. She is currently advocating the implementation of the International Decade of People of African Descent in British Columbia.Welcome Dominique!
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