65 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

#44 Speaking with research scientist/methodologist Dr. Paul Elias Alexander

Dr. Paul E. Alexander, health research methodologist at McMaster University wrote the hot-off-the-press paper, 14 Months Later: A Path Forward, after examining all the data associated with COVID. He will let you know what we all should know now from the point of view of hard science. No BS here! Smart and down to earth you will enjoy his thoughts, a person originally from a small village in Trinidad and Tobago.Here is his bio: Paul Alexander holds a masters of science degree in epidemiology and community health from the University of Toronto, a masters of science degree in evidence-based medicine from Oxford University, masters schooling in Health Sciences also at York University, Toronto, and a PhD in evidence-based medicine and research methods from McMasters University, Hamilton. He currently holds a post as Assistant Professor at McMaster’s University in the HEI Research Methods department and completed his doctoral research and post- doctoral work under the founder of Evidence based medicine (EBM), Dr. Gordon Guyatt. He served in the Trump Administration as a senior COVID-19 advisor for the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, and also worked for WHO and the Pan-American Health Organization in Washington, D.C. from February 2020 onwards as a COVID-19 consultant for research methods and related matters. He also worked for the WHO/PAHO prior to the onset of the pandemic in developing evidence based tools for low and middle income nations. Dr Heather's book, Surviving a Viral Pandemic through the lens of a naturopathic medical doctor, is available to order through all bookstores.
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