1 minutes | May 11, 2021

Living Holy

In order to live a holy life requires the understanding that is the type of life that God has always intended for us to live.  His Objective has been to have a meaningful and eternal fellowship with us in a bond of holiness and righteousness.  We glorify Him through this relationship.  However, sin has created an obstacle for this to be accomplished.  Sin gives life to guilt, fear, pride, envy and all of the other manifestations of the flesh that entangle us each day.  The Only One who has ever lived a sin-free life is Jesus and it is because of His great love and sacrifice that we are able to live a holy life.  Once we acknowledge and accept His Lordship over our life we are now abiding in Him and His Love.  In other words, we have become a part of His Body which is coursing with the soul cleansing Blood of the Lamb which has the power to wash away the stain of our sin.  When we are made clean, we are made holy and can now live a holy life because He, Jesus, is Holy.
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