39 minutes | Aug 18, 2020

Krystal Holland, Birth Doula and Whole Life Coach

Like many holistic health professionals, Krystal Holland came to natural health modalities by way of trying to find alternative solutions for her own health concerns. Listen as Krystal shares her wellness journey with Dr. Carlie, starting in childhood with a rare diagnosis of Kawasaki Syndrome, to an early adult diagnosis of Crohn's Disease.  An unlikely ally referred her to a homeopathic doctor, knowing that she would have to do something different after her GI specialist told her she had to do something, or she was going to die.  What she discovered not only lead to healing and restoration, but it also laid the foundation for her future purpose in caring for people as a Birth Doula and Whole Life Coach.After years of doctors visits and hospital stays, Mrs. Holland experienced feeling cared for and heard for the first time with her holistic practitioners.  As she mastered her own story, she found passion in being of service to others.  She provides Whole Life Coaching and Birth Doula services nationwide.  Discover more about Krystal Holland and the services she provides at https://www.lovurlife.com/.  Follow her on IG and FB @lovyourlyfe. Email: krystal@lovurlife.com.
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