34 minutes | Oct 16, 2020

Cannabis Legal Low Down With Andrea Steel, Esq.

Director and Co-Chair of The Cannabis Business Law Group at Coats Rose, Attorney Andrea Steel gives Dr. Carlie the low down on all things related to cannabis law.  From medicinal cannabis to pending law suits, Andrea dishes the scoop on the state of legal cannabis in Texas and Nationwide. Get in the know about new laws and regulations around hemp distributor licensing and retailer registration requirements.  Attorney Steel also shares what’s on the horizon for legal cannabis, and explains why every cannabis business owner have a cannabis attorney on retainer, or at least one on speed dial. The one piece of advice Andrea would give to every cannabis business owner is priceless.The Cannabis Law Group at Coats Rose has offices in Texas, Louisiana and Ohio. They represent clients nationwide. Contact Andrea Steel, Esq.  at Coats Rose:Email: asteel@coatsrose.comPhone: 713-653-7334Website: http://www.coatsrose.com
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