37 minutes | Sep 24, 2020

A Natural Approach to Fibroids with Dr. Jennifer Pierre, ND, MPH

Dr. Jennifer Pierre, ND, MPH, talks with Dr. Carlie about the complications of uterine fibroids and natural approaches to treating them. Uterine fibroids disproportionately affect women of African decent, listen as Dr. Pierre identifies possible reasons why black women are at increased risk for developing fibroids.Owner and Founder of Jenteel Nature Health, Dr. Pierre has a virtual practice based in New Haven, Connecticut.  She sees patients all over the country specializing in women's health conditions such as Fertility, Hormone Imbalance (PCOS), Thyroid (Hashimoto’s), Autoimmune, Stress/Anxiety, and Natural Hair/Skin Care. Jenteel Nature Health offers public health programming, telemedicine visits, and wellness consulting.To consult with Dr. Pierre, visit drjpierre.com where you can schedule an appointment. Phone: 203-806-5152Email: admin@drjpierre.comIG: @drjpierre
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