55 minutes | Mar 29th 2020

S4E7 // The Athlete Gut: Troubleshooting GI Problems in Athletes w/ Dr. Patrick Wilson, RD, PhD

In Season 4, Episode 7, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Patrick Wilson, RD, PhD, author of the new book The Athlete Gut. In this episode, Patrick shares his insights on how short-intense and prolonged endurance exercise bouts impact the athlete’s gut, if female athletes experience more GI symptoms than men, and how low FODMAP diets impact bloating and discomfort. He also discusses the impacts of high-fat diets on gut health and diversity of microbiota, theoretical benefits (and limitations) of MCT ingestion during exercise, protein ingestion and impacts on bloating and discomfort, and long-term implications of restricting fermentable carbohydrates in your diet. Finally, he discusses the connections between mindset, anxiety and gut symptoms and what athletes can do to improve symptoms.
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