48 minutes | Dec 30th 2020

S4E20 // Dominate: Coaching, Culture & Building Elite Athletes w/ Clance Laylor

In Season 4, Episode 20 Dr. Marc Bubbs interviews strength and conditioning coach Clance Laylor to talk about: 3:38 – Clance’s frame of reference for writing the book 5:24 – The value of intensity when training 8:05 – The role of Pierre Roy in supporting and mentoring Clance’s career 11:45 – Common mistakes of young athletes when lifting 16:10 – The role of Charles Poliquin in supporting and mentoring Clance’s career 18:35 – Coaching and communication style with today’s young athlete 23:10 – Setting the culture: leader-follower dynamics 26:21 – What Clance’s sees on the nutrition front in the gym 33:10 – How environment shapes the path to nutritional changes 39:10 – Clance’s background in sprinting and how its influenced his training philosophy 40:10 – Big take-home message to athletes and coaches
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