55 minutes | Dec 21st 2020

S4E19 // Concussion: Novel Biomarkers & Practitioner Considerations w/ Dr. Patrick O’Halloran, PhD

In Season 4, Episode 19 Dr. Marc Bubbs interviews researcher and medical doctor Dr. Patrick O’Halloran, PhD to discuss novel biomarkers of concussion and applications in the field. Summary of Episode 4:08 – Dr. O’Halloran’s background 5:45 – The difference between medical and sport diagnosis of concussion 8:20 – The highly variable recovery timeline from concussion 10:02 – The field-based assessments of athlete suffering head trauma on the field 12:45 – Should all sports have universal guidelines for concussion diagnosis? 16:30 – Acute biomarkers for diagnosing concussion markers 27:10 – Benefits of instant ‘point of care’ concussion testing 29:55 – How much extra benefit do you get from sport to sport, when applying point of care testing? 31:45 – Game day testing and the recovery process once diagnosed on the pitch. 34:30 – Other biomarkes in the field of concussion diagnosis. 40:50 – Medications to support concussion recovery (and how side-effects can mimic symptoms). 44:05 – The application of CBD, exogenous ketones, creatine, or other supplements for concussion recovery? 52:45 – Take-home message of biomarkers for concussion support?
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