49 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

S4E16 // Osteosarcopenia: Beyond Age-Related Muscle & Bone Loss w/ Dr. Ben Kirk, PhD

Dr. Marc Bubbs interviews muscle and bone scientist Dr. Ben Kirk, PhD whose area of interest includes age-related declines in muscle and bone to discuss… 3:45 – Ben’s background in nutrition and research 5:35 – The connection between osteopenia and osteopororis 7:45 – Risk factors for osteosarcopenia 15:30 – Cross-talk between muscle and bone cells 18:00 – Screening tools for clinicians to assess for osteosarcopenia 24:00 – Nutritional interventions for osteosarcopenia 32:00 – Creatine + resistance exercise for sarcopenia and osteoporosis 34:10 – Muscle weakness, falls, fractures and consequences for quality of life 39:40 – The evolution of research in osteosarcopenia
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