58 minutes | Aug 27th 2020

S4E15 // Nutrient-Exercise Timing & Fasted Exercise w/ Dr. Rob Edinburgh, PhD

In Season 4, Episode 15 Dr. Marc Bubbs interviews expert physiologist Rob Edinburgh, PhD whose area of interest includes meal timing and exercise to discuss… 3:00 – Rob’s background in nutrition and research 5:15 – Review of energy balance: energy intake and expenditure 6:10 – What is metabolic health? 13:15 – Effects of skipping breakfast (versus eating breakfast) on exercise adaptations 17:30 – Energy balance over a 24-hour period in breakfast vs. skipping breakfast 21:30 – How does intensity training impact the results of the study? 23:30 –How does ‘breakfast timing’ impact exercise adaptations in overweight and obese individuals 28:30 – Meal + exercise interactions - acute responses to exercise 31:40 – Metabolic benefits of exercising in the fasted-state (in healthy people) 36:30 – The main pathways via which exercise supports better health: AMPK, PGC1-alpha 42:30 – Energy Balance: weight loss and health vs. performance 45:45 – The use of intra-muscular triglyceride during fasted exercise 50:00 – How context is key when it comes to breakfast vs. ‘no breakfast’ 53:00 – The evolution of research in this area Enjoy the podcast? Tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @DrBubbs
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