45 minutes | Aug 5th 2020

S4E14 // Dental Health & Impact on Athlete Performance w/ Dr. Dominik Nischwitz, DDS

In Season 4, Episode 14 Dr. Marc Bubbs interviews biological dentist Dr. Dominik Nischwitz to discuss… SUMMARY OF EPISODE 3:00 – Dr. Dome’s background in dentistry and nutrition 4:50 – Weston A. Price’s influence on Dr. Dome’s nutrition philosophy 10:28 – Why athletes have high incidences of cavities and dental issues 13:30 – How often should athletes brush their teeth? 18:10 – Gingivitis and rates of infection in athletes 23:35 – Dr. Dome’s tips for athletes to maintain good oral health 40:30 – The importance of saliva and salivary flow rate on health and immunity 42:20 – Natural support for stomach acidity 44:00 - Connection between dental and overall health
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