46 minutes | Jul 8th 2020

S4E12 // Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat w/ Diana Rodgers, MS, RD

In Season 4, Episode 12 Dr. Marc Bubbs interviews Diana Rodgers, MS, RD dietician and nutritionist living on an organic farm and co-author of the new book and film Sacred Cow that discusses why well-raised meat is good for you and good for the planet. SUMMARY OF THE EPISODE 3:00 – Diana’s background and journey into nutrition 5:15 – Dietary patterns of hunter-gatherer societies around the world 8:45 – The mid-Victorian dietary shift and consequences for health 11:15 – Is meat consumption increasing worldwide? 15:30 – The impact of industrial agriculture on the environment 17:15 –The water footprint of cattle 20:15 – Methane from cattle and carbon sequestration in the ground 23:15 – Deforestation and the impact of soy crops 28:30 – The environmental impact of chicken farming 33:00 – Antibiotic use in conventional farming and impact on human health 34:40 – Price comparison of beef burger vs. plant-based (Beyond Meat) burger 37:00 – The cycle of nature – life and death 39:20 – The challenges of writing Sacred Cow and creating the film
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