30 minutes | Mar 12th 2019

EP 81 - Hidden in Plain Sight: Uncovering the Hidden Toxins in Everyday Products that Impact Health

Learn how you can heal yourself by reducing your toxic exposure.Beth Greer thought she was living a fully healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, eating (mostly) right, meditation... all of the things we're told to do to preserve health and promote longevity.

So, when she was diagnosed as having a large tumor in her chest, she was taken aback. 

Multiple surgeons advised an invasive surgical procedure to remove the tumor. The tumor was benign, but was causing her debilitating pain.

Instead of going the surgery route, Beth took a hard look at the food she was eating, the personal products she was using, and other toxins she was exposed to. After a complete "detox," scans showed that the tumor had disappeared. Beth kept up with this clean lifestyle, and encouraged her family to do the same.

In her book, Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home, and Planet--One Room at a Time, Beth reveals the alarming extent of the dangerous chemicals we unwittingly expose ourselves to every day. The book invites readers to put their lives under a microscope -- to scrutinize what we put in and on our bodies and bring into our homes—and to make personal choices that will enable us to "live clean" in a toxic world.

Listen as Beth joins Dr. Bond to discuss the steps you can take right away to change the amount of toxins you put into your body -- and realize better health in the process.