44 minutes | Mar 14, 2021

Episode 9 - Savannah Foster, NFL Agent, Wife, Mom

Looking for an NFL Agent? We got you covered.Roy Austin from Austin and Chris P.  take the show to Laguna Hills, California. We interview Savannah Foster, Vice-President of Client Relations at the Athletes First sports agency,  a premier sports agency  representing players, coaches and broadcasters. Savannah has lived a lifetime in her very short time on earth, she is a humble overachiever with a huge heart. NFL players choose Savannah because they feel her kindness, it is immeasurable.  We talk to NFL Super Woman Savannah about her journey from  Little Miss Tater in rural Kentucky to becoming a highly sought figure at the NFL level. You don't want to miss the conversation with Savannah!1:00 - We want to talk to you Savannah!2:00 - We are Cowboys fans 3:00 - I was an athlete, cheerleader 📣 4:00 - Orange Bowl, College World Series, Final Four5:00 - Settling is not an option 6:00 - Family History, From Benton, KY 8:00 - Little Miss Tater Day 19909:00 - Athletes First Family 10:00 - No Law degree to be an agent 13:00 - We represent the Athlete and entire Family14:00 - Athletes First Signing Free Agents15:00 - The Question I get the Most 16:00 - Players become our family 17:00- FaceTiming Pro Bowler Derwin James, while in labor 19:00 - New Challenges everyday- Athletes First helps athletes year round20:00 - Agent life is cyclical 21:00 - COVID in the NFL 23:00 - NFL next season; what’s changing?24:00 - Fans in the stands matter 26:00 - Week Leading up to NFL Draft28:00 - Athletes First Took 50 players to Super Bowl 29:00 - The Classic, Spring is busy- Super Bowl, Senior Bowl, Draft30:00 - Athletes First Family -“A pending Pro Bowl roster”-ESPN31:00 - We need experts , I work closely with Deshaun Watson32:00 - How do we become an NFL Agent?33:00 - Make Yourself Known34:00 - An advantage being a woman 35:00 = Proudest of Me and 1st Rd Pick Austin Jackson 36:00 - How do we find Athletes First?37:00 - NFL Requires yearly end of year questionnaire 38:00 - I am good at Teaching! (Grad School Class)39:00 - Savannah knows how to talk to people40:00 - Advice for future NFL Agent 41:00 - Put Your Heart In What You Are Doing42:00 - Savannah is a Genuine Soul 43:00 - Follow Savannah and the A1 FamilyWe wish Savannah and the A1 Family the best of luck this season.You can follow and support Savannah @https://www.instagram.com/sosavy/http://www.athletesfirst.nethttps://www.instagram.com/athletesfirstfamily/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYABR3SXyOgTo be featured on Down The Line contact the podcast team on social media or email downtheline@vsspotlight.com. Follow us on social media.https://www.instagram.com/vssreplay/https://twitter.com/VSspotlighthttps://www.facebook.com/VSspotlightOr Visit https://www.vsspotlight.com
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