66 minutes | May 2, 2021

Episode 14 - Marty Beall, University of Richmond Head Coach Women's Soccer

Thank you for stopping by Down The Line presented by Varsity Sports Spotlight.Host Roy Austin welcomes our guest Marty Beall, University of Richmond Head Coach Women's Soccer to the show. Marty shares his views on his journey in soccer, the current state of college sports and how to get recruited as an athlete.Enjoy the show. Talk to you soon, down the line. Follow Coach Marty Beall on social media @Twitter and Instagram @Marty_BeallCoach has his own podcast, tune in!https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/conversations-with-a-college-coach-leaders-locker-rooms/id1532930827Welcome Back1:00- Coach Marty Beall2:00- I Grew Up In Maryland3:00- Started Playing Soccer at 74:00- Freshman Playing with Seniors7:00- Your Grades Matter A Lot8:00- Montgomery College Soccer9:00- I tore my PCL 11:00- My AHA Moment14:00- The Communist Game16:00- The Pandemic Experience21:00- What is next? When is normality coming?23:00- Las Vegas was Empty24:00- How do you keep motivated without games?25:00- What you do matters!26:00- The Mountain of Average28:00- The Infinite Learning Curve29:00- I want you to be the best you can be31:00- Social Media is only the highlights32:00- Comparison is the thief of all joy35:00- Just be yourself39:00- Have Core Values in Your Life45:00- Have to be resilient 48:00- Do More to Connect with People51:00- Lead By Serving Others53:00- We Want Our Players to be Present55:00- Get out of your head, be present57:00- Work as Hard as You Can58:00- Personalize Your Emails to Colleges59:00- How to write emails to college coaches60:00- NCAA recruiting rules are complicated61:00- Advice for those who want be a College Coach62:00- You have to make sacrifices to get better64:00- Bloom where you are planted 65:00- The Only Spider Mascot in the USATo be featured on Down The Line contact the podcast team on social media or email downtheline@vsspotlight.com. Follow us on social media.https://www.instagram.com/vssreplay/https://twitter.com/VSspotlighthttps://www.facebook.com/VSspotlightOr Visit https://www.vsspotlight.com
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