86 minutes | Mar 28, 2021

Episode 11 - Robert Lucero, Austin Westlake Head Basketball Coach, Father, Leader

Thank you for stopping by Down The Line presented by Varsity Sports Spotlight.Roy Austin and Chris P. talk with Bonifacio "Robert" Lucero, Head Coach for Austin Westlake Basketball. Austin Westlake and Coach are in the middle of the best winning stretch for the storied Texas high school program. Coach Lucero is an open book, as genuine as they come. Coach has had extreme ups and downs in recent years, on and off the court. Enjoy the show. Talk to you soon, down the line. Follow Coach Lucero on social media @https://www.instagram.com/bonifaciolucero/https://www.instagram.com/westlakenation/1:00 - Welcome to Show2:00 - Intro, Hays First Head Job3:00 - From Albuquerque, Then El Paso4:00 - El Paso Hanks, Glory Years5:00 - Dad was a coach6:00 - Give a player a goal7:00 - Coach Manny Pacheco, Bob Hackett8:00 - Played in State Soccer Finals9:00 - First love was basketball10:00 - Keep Playing, No Shortcuts11:00 - Coach Marc Richardson12:00 - Find Peace in your work13:00 - Be Coachable14:00 - Covid brought us closer16:00 - The plan after high school18:00 - Marcos Lucero can ball19:00 - Tracy Carter gave me a tip20:00 - Damion James, Nacogdoches 21:00 - AHA Moment! To be a Coach22:00 - Met my wife, the referee23:00 - She crumbled up my number26:00 - Moved to Austin 30:00 - Found out Wife had Breast Cancer33:00 - More Hard Times, Son, Bo needs Surgery 35:00 - More surgery for Son, Bo38:00 - What hard times taught me40:00 - Bo is strong, made it through42:00 - Never Lose, Just Learn44:00 - Hard to be at the Top, then Bottom46:00 -Bonds get tighter to make a playoff run47:00 - Matthew Mayer has best mullet around48:00 - City Mullets are not Country Mullets49:00 - Austin Westlake Alum can Ball Out50:00 - Just lost the state championship52:00 - Concerned about my players taking it hard54:00 - Lost to Carsen Edwards & Tristan Clark56:00 - Biggest Challenge for Student Athletes58:00 - Strong Support Matters60:00 - Worry about Growth, not winning61:00 - I had a lot of fear as a Coach62:00 - Building character, makes for winning63:00 - Tell us about Chico’s Tacos65:00 - Challenges for Parents of Athletes 67:00 - Players need to know their role70:00 -We carry 18 ball players, help them learn72:00 - Current State of Texas HS Basketball74:00 - Manage and Work the Game76:00 - Good at History 79:00 - Family Genealogy80:00 - Peruvian Roots?!81:00 - Final Thought82:00 - Advice to a prospective Head Coach 83:00 - Stay Persistent, Search out Learning85:00 - Outro, Next WeekTo be featured on Down The Line contact the podcast team on social media or email downtheline@vsspotlight.com. Follow us on social media.https://www.instagram.com/vssreplay/https://twitter.com/VSspotlighthttps://www.facebook.com/VSspotlightOr Visit https://www.vsspotlight.com
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