63 minutes | Mar 21, 2021

Episode 10 - Nic Harris, OU Football Legend, NFL, Film

Thank you for stopping by Down The Line presented by Varsity Sports Spotlight.Roy Austin and Chris P. talk with Nic Harris, Lifetime Boomer Sooner Football Legend about his journey though football. We discuss Nic's journey from Prep Star at Alexandria Senior High School to Bob Stoops OU Football, NFL and current movie project "American Underdog" the Kurt Warner Story.  Ni shares his unique experiences in playing football at the highest levels in prep, college and professional football.   You will love Nic's energy and perspective on life.Talk to you soon, down the line. Follow Nic Harris on social media @https://www.instagram.com/nicharris5/https://twitter.com/NicHarris5Show Notes:1:00 - Welcome Nic Harris2:00 - What is New? American Underdog - Kurt Warner Story3:00 - December 10, 2021, Movie Premier 4:00 - My second career is Film after NFL5:00 - Takes a bit of luck, somebody has to like you6:00 - Son of Alexandria, LA 8:00 - OU Stoops was looking for Ryan Perrilloux, Found Nic9:00 -  Adopted by my High School counselor 10:00 - 65 Collegiate Offers, Soft Verbal to Michigan11:00 -  Double Pneumonia, OU Stoops hospital visit14:00 - High School football team, 21 Interceptions, 9 TD Returns15:00-  Kirby Smart, Former LSU assistant, Now Georgia Head Coach16:00 - Someone turned off the lights at stadium, playoff game18:00 - Keiland Williams, NFL Player, LA high school playoffs20:00 - OU Freshman Season with Adrian Peterson21:00 - Two Freshman DB’s starting in Big 12 22:00 - Faced Vince Young, Jamal Charles, Romance Taylor- Championship Season26:00 - Shoutout to Bills Mafia 27:00 - Texas Tech #1 vs OU # 5, Chase Daniel & Mizzou28:00 - OU loses to Florida in 2009 BCS Championship29:00 - Tim Tebow comes after Nic with the Gator Chomp31:00 - Running out of the tunnel in Norman32:00 - Credit to Brent Venables, Bob Stoops33:00 - I make the Madden games, Madden Culture35:00 - Sacking a Human for 8 hours during Madden Filming 36:00 - Favorite Football Venue, Kyle Field - Texas A&M 37:00 - Loudest Football Venue, Autzen Stadium - Oregon Ducks 38:00 - Bob Stoops is a players coach 39:00 - AHA Moment! NFL is real 40:00 - Boise St vs OU, One of the Greatest Games41:00 - Returned for Senior Year, Stay Healthy42:00 - Leading Tackler in the BCS Championship Game43:00 - Played  Safety, Corner, Nickel, DB, LB44:00 - David Nelson, former Florida WR 45:00 - 5 interceptions in one game, twice46:00 - Broke Ed Reed’s Louisiana High School Record47:00 - Senior Bowl, Draft Preparation 48:00 - Pulled Hamstring before NFL Combine49:00 - If you don’t run it’s a red flag at NFL Combine50:00 - NFL Combine is a way to protect NFL Execs51:00 - Dick Jauron, former Bills head coach calls Nic52:00 - The Guy Your Coach Can Trust54:00 - My Greatest Achievement55:00 - NFL Current State - “I would get fined”57:00 - I love my journey, wouldn’t change a thing 58:00 - Surprisingly good at Technology, working on Dr. Degree59:00 - VSS Events coming soon60:00 - Nic wants to mentor young athletes61:00 - Adversity Will Come Your Way 62:00 - Outro, Next WeekTo be featured on Down The Line contact the podcast team on social media or email downtheline@vsspotlight.com. Follow us on social media.https://www.instagram.com/vssreplay/https://twitter.com/VSspotlighthttps://www.facebook.com/VSspotlightOr Visit https://www.vsspotlight.com
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