52 minutes | Jan 15, 2021

Episode 200: Lions & Socks & Sweaters Oh My!

Thank you for tuning in to Episode 200 of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast. Full show notes including photos can be found on my website: www.downcellarstudio.com/200  This week’s segments included: On the Needles, Hook or Bobbins Brainstorming Crafty Adventures Knitting in Passing In my Travels Contest, News & Notes Life in Focus Ask Me Anything On a Happy Note Quote of the Week On the Needles, Hook or Bobbins Crochet Lion Amigurumi Pattern: Crochet Lion Amigurumi by Melanie Willis available on Ravelry & Etsy Hook: C: 2.75 mm Yarn:  Knit Picks Brava Sport (lost ball band- yellow), Vanna’s Choice (tweedy oatmeal). Ravelry Project Page Christmas with the Gilmores Socks Yarn: Area 51 Fibres in the Christmas with the Gilmores Colorway Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm) Pattern: OMG Heel by Megan Williams Ravelry Project Page  Vampire Vibes Socks (Ravelry Link) Pattern: OMG Heel by Megan Williams Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in the Vampires Vibes colorway. Holly Press Fibers Sheepish Sock (heels) Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm) Dan’s New Year’s Socks Pattern: OMG Heel by Megan Williams Yarn: Goosey Fibers Squish DK Needles: US 2 (2.75 mm) Ravelry Project Page Cast on 52 sts. Thank you past Jen for that note in the project bag.  Scrappy Sparkly Halloween Socks- Ravelry Project Page Link Pattern: OMG Heel by Megan Williams Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm) Yarn: Some scraps. Some Knitty & Color minis  Ursa Ravelry Project Page Pattern: Ursa by Jacqueline Cieslak Needle: US 11 (8.0 mm) Yarn: Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky in the Juju Fruit Colorway  Super Bulky Chevron Blanket Pattern: Chevron Scrap Blanket by Maria’s Blue Crayon  Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in various colors Hook: 12 mm Ravelry Project Page Direct Link to Pattern on Designer’s website Wound Up Fiber Arts 3 Ply Spin Fiber: Wound Up Fiber Arts Corriedale, 100 grams. Colorway 1: Prim (finished 1/12). Colorway 2: Fall Vibes  Ravelry Project Page Brainstorming Hayven Sweater by Kate Oates. Ravelry Pattern Page. Also Available on Kate’s website. I’d like to make a garland (or two) for new white wall in my craft room. Craving to knit/design a new hat! Slouchy style to wear with curls. I wear my Thumper Hatconstantly.  Crafty Adventures I’m still working on my studio set up after painting a wall and re-arranging furniture. I hung up some handmade prints on an unused part of the chalkboard wall. Knitting in Passing I recently did a crafty chat on Zoom with Riley. Check out the video on my YouTube Channel.  KAL News Quarterly Quests for 2020 are Complete! Quarter 4: October 1- December 31, 2020: Slay The Stash. Thank you Quarter 4 Sponsors: APLCrafts, AdoreKnit, Jennifer Lassonde Designs- Ravelry Link/LoveCrafts Link. Tune to hear if you’re a winner. Pigskin Party ’20 Check out all of the details you need to know either in the Start Here Thread  on Ravelry or on my website.  Important Links: Rules– see what’s new and exciting this year.  Sign up Form– get your name on the Roster! Points Tally Form– earned some points? Get credit! Support Request Form– mixed up something when entering points. Let us know. Scoreboard List of Pigskin ‘20 Sponsors Pro Shop Sponsors Exclusive Items Coupon Codes Prize Thread Questions Thread End Zone Dance– come celebrate each other’s finished projects (this is not where you enter your FOs for points in the 2020 season. See Rules for details) December Interception Winner Announced! Along with December Participation Winners! Check out the January Interception: Stash Hat Scrimmage Hosted by Knitters Brewing Company. Check out the Ravelry Thread or this page on my website. Contest, News & Notes Abington Mitts will be ready for test knitting soon! Get in touch if you’re interested. Life in Focus Check out this YouTube Video on my channel for a review of how I review the past year and plan for the next. Worksheets and printables are available in case you want to do this too! Tune in for an overview on my 2020 review and Goals for 2021. 2021 Word of the Year: Delight Primary Goals: 3 strength/circuit/barre/yoga workouts per week (tracked in Fitbit app) 8 designs published Make & assess goals every month in 2021 21 for 2021 List Go to the MFA Take at least 1 trip with Dan (weekend or longer) outside MA Complete 10 pages/stories for my December Daily Album Complete Book 2 for 2018 Photo Book Finish Covid 19 scrapbook Go Skiing Knit a garment out of handspun Kayak at 1 new place Spent at least 1 weekend with Laura (in NY or MA) Hit 1,000 YouTube Followers Participate in the Fiberuary Challenge on Instagram Read/listen to 10 books Take at least 12 baths End the year with $5k more in savings($33k)  Take a trip with Mom Take at least 1 knitting/crochet/spinning class Go Apple Picking Do something spontaneous and delightful Carry over from 2020 Submit a pattern to at least 1 publication  Go camping  Do 1 in-store class or event at a local yarn shop (scheduled- didn’t happen) Ask Me Anything Tune in to hear my answers to questions asked on Instagram. Boehmela asked about my knitting/crocheting plans for 2021. Some preliminary thoughts: Knit with handspun Spin more (not sure what that means) brioche project garland for my room.  finish my mystery gnome do another advent swap  colorwork sweater for me. sweater with my Rhinebeck 2019 yarn.  elisa.knits: Why don’t you knit blankets? Bottom line: They take too long, get heavy and hurt my hands/arms. mfcKnits- Quarantine Workout Routines I aim to do live workouts online through my gym: Monday 6:15a ab class. Wednesday 6:15a Circuit, Thursday 12:15 upper body, Friday 6:15a tabata. In an ideal week I do all 4 but when that’s not possible, sometimes I watch one I wanted to attend live on replay or watch something on YouTube: Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. A couple of my favorites: Detox Yoga & Full Body Flow Fitness Blender on YouTube has some great options, as does Syndey Cummings YouTube Channel. In the morning or on the weekends I enjoy hiking alone or with friends. My thoughts: start small and make it really achieveable. When possible, find something you enjoy or if you don’t enjoy it, pair your workout with music/podcast you like. Rplatt- asked about my Evernote usage. I am planning to create a YouTube video for this. ecbThorman wanted to know my fav winter recipe. Truth I’m not really a recipe personal. Lately my go-to comfort food has been adding veggies to Trader Joes Poblano Corn Chowder.  On a Happy Note January 6th, started with beautiful snowy walk, looking at the pink sky. Listening to updates about the Georgia Democrats winning two Senate seats. The day devolved into riots and violence but I’m glad I had that slow, beautiful start to my day. Zoom chat with Melissa. Tip: Get together with a friend on Zoom where you don’t have to sit and just talk. Multi-tasking can make a Zoom call even more low-key and fun. Seeing goats on my neighborhood walk! Dan organized some of the unfinished side of our cellar adding a light and extended cork flooring there. Trees cut down. It’s a relief to know they won’t fall on the house. Every time I take a walk and re-enter, it smells like a Christmas tree lot. Making me insanely happy.  Hiking with Megg, Oisin and Hattie! Quote of the Week Author and speaker Jim Rohn on the best response to the disappointments of life:  “Let’s face it … people and events are going to continue to both hurt and disappoint you. Among the people will be those you most love, as well as those you least know. Seldom is it their intent to purposely hurt you, but rather, a variety of situations mostly beyond your control will cause them to act, speak, or think in ways which can have an adverse effect upon you, your present feelings and emotions, and the way your life upholds. It has been this way through six thousand years of recorded history, and your hurt or grief is not the first time a human has been deeply hurt by the inappropriate actions of another.  The only way to avoid being touched by life––the good as well as the bad––is to withdraw from society, and even then you will disappoint yourself, and your imagining about what is going on out there will haunt you and hurt you. Knowing this, there is but one solution that will support you when people and events hurt you, and that is to learn to work harder on your personal growth than anything else. Since you cannot control the weather, or the traffic, or the one you love, or your neighbors, or your boss, then you must learn to control you … the one whose response to the difficulties of life really counts.” Thanks for tuning in! 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