69 minutes | Mar 31st 2021

#213: Yashiro in KOF, A new Melty Blood, and Project L Rumors

Crashtag and resurrected and join Mezza and StaticGorilla for another episode of Double Tap. Starting out in the Fighter's Corner, Yashiro Nanakase trailer dropped for KOF and leads us to believe old characters may return. Then, a new Melty Blood is coming soon with Rollback and a Guilty Gear fan art leads some people to believe a new character was announced. Mezza shares his impressions of Lidia in Tekken 7 and Capcom announces another upcoming update. In the randoms of the FGC, Arcsystem Works released an entire catalog of OST's from their games and Project L rumors leak that they're looking for testers. Finally, we share our impressions of the WeplayUFL event, and Brawlhalla gets an update with 3 characters from KungFu Panda. Episode URL: https://mtb.gg/2qbDiscord: http://discord.me/mashthosebuttons Hosts: Andres Mirandes twitter.com/CrashtagVStwitch.tv/Crashtag_00 Jeremiah Ward twitter.com/Daimyomezzatwitch.tv/Daimyomezza Gabriel Medina twitter.com/StaticGorillatwitch.tv/StaticGorilla Thank you for listening to a Mash Those Buttons podcast! You can keep up with all of our podcasts in the following locations. Mash Those Buttons Website twitter.com/mtbsite facebook.com/mashthosebuttons
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