80 minutes | Mar 2nd 2021

#209: Happy Birthday Chun-Li! SFV patch, Smash Tour, and a Focus Attack

Crashtag and StaticGorilla celebrate Chun-Li's Birthday on this episode of Double Tap! In the Fighter's Corner, Pyra/Mythra will have a character breakdown coming soon and SkullGirls will be getting 4 DLC characters including the previously announced Annie. Then, we go into detail about SFV's Capcom Cup results, the new patch winners and the Bug fixes that are expected. In the Randoms of the FGC, we discuss the Smash World Tour and expectations and Sako celebrates his 10th year with Hori. Finally, in the Focus Attack, we answer a question from listener Big Siph, who asks about the future of sponsors within the FGC. Episode URL: http://mtb.gg/2pcDiscord: http://discord.me/mashthosebuttons Hosts: Andres Mirandes twitter.com/CrashtagVStwitch.tv/Crashtag_00 Gabriel Medina twitter.com/StaticGorillatwitch.tv/StaticGorilla Thank you for listening to a Mash Those Buttons podcast! You can keep up with all of our podcasts in the following locations. Mash Those Buttons Website twitter.com/mtbsite facebook.com/mashthosebuttons
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