85 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

#206: Strive Gameplay and Beta, Iori Trailer, and Content Highlight

Welcome to another episode of Double Tap! Today, Crashtag and StaticGorilla are back with and Striving for more Guilty Gear news! In the Fighter's Corner we breakdown the new gameplay footage of Zato, Axl, Ky, Nagoryuki and Sol in full detail and we detail the Beta information which is coming soon. Then Iori Yagami makes his debut in KOF 15. Lastly, Street Fighter V's winter update is coming with announcements and we make our predictions and SF League Japan finishes in a hype fashion. In the Randoms of the FGC, Combo Breaker makes an announcement regarding the future, MVC2 gets zoomed out, a dream roster of MVC4 has been unveiled and we highlight FGC content creator Leon Massey. Episode URL: http://mtb.gg/2ooDiscord: http://discord.me/mashthosebuttons Hosts: Andres Mirandes twitter.com/CrashtagVStwitch.tv/Crashtag_00 Gabriel Medina twitter.com/StaticGorillatwitch.tv/StaticGorilla Thank you for listening to a Mash Those Buttons podcast! You can keep up with all of our podcasts in the following locations. Mash Those Buttons Website twitter.com/mtbsite facebook.com/mashthosebuttons
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