81 minutes | Jan 26th 2021

#204: Vergil in GBVS and We Close the Book on the FGC CoC

If you're girl wears a lot of blue, and can summon weapons to attack the opponent, that's not your girl. It's Vergil, I mean Anre. We finally see what he brings to the table before releasing on January 26th. We can an closer look to the Guilty Gear Strive offline modes in the new video but don't fall asleep or you'll miss Meitenkun's return to KOFXV. We've let it sit now for a few weeks but what's the final thoughts on the FGC Code of Conduct in this week's Community Question. Episode URL: http://mtb.gg/2o9Discord: http://discord.me/mashthosebuttons Hosts: Andres Mirandes twitter.com/CrashtagVStwitch.tv/Crashtag_00 Jeremiah Ward twitter.com/Daimyomezzatwitch.tv/Daimyomezza Thank you for listening to a Mash Those Buttons podcast! You can keep up with all of our podcasts in the following locations. Mash Those Buttons Website twitter.com/mtbsite facebook.com/mashthosebuttons
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