83 minutes | Dec 15th 2020

#198: Sephiroth, Yuel, Scorpina and More DBFZ Results and Predictions!

Mezza and StaticGorilla have returned for another episode of DoubleTap. In the Fighter's Corner, we first start with a look at the next character reveal for Smash, Sephiroth. Then we get another reveal of Yuel in GranBlue Fantasy Versus, followed by another reveal of Scorpina in Power Rangers BTFG, which is then followed by another reveal of King Of Fighters 15. Next, we see the results of MK11 Weplay tournament, patch notes which may have made some characters better. More Dragon Ball FighterZ national championship results came in and SFV's Capcom Cup final spot has one more week left to be voted on. In the Randoms of the FGC, a new MK movie is koming soon and Microsoft acquires smash.gg. Finally, we ask you a community question. Episode URL: http://mtb.gg/2m5Discord: http://discord.me/mashthosebuttons Hosts: Jeremiah Ward twitter.com/Daimyomezzatwitch.tv/Daimyomezza Gabriel Medina twitter.com/StaticGorillatwitch.tv/StaticGorilla Thank you for listening to a Mash Those Buttons podcast! You can keep up with all of our podcasts in the following locations. Mash Those Buttons Website twitter.com/mtbsite facebook.com/mashthosebuttons
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