59 minutes | Apr 23rd 2018

Double Frequency Episode 9 "The broke artist myth"

This episode is a trigger!
The idea that to be an artist or to be a creative in general means you are going to be a broken struggling individual. 

Thats simply not a fact. Yes there is a power of broke. There is a benefit of having a hunger to be an artist. But that hunger is for the creative not for the money. If the hunger is for the money when you get it you will fail. secondly go an be something with a high ticket value on your time. 

its about making an impact before and income. But the truth of the fact is if you are making the impact you can make an income, yeah you might dig out for 18 hours in a day, but your talking extremes both ways here. How much is your time worth? what are you doing with it. 

If you do the work, You do not need to remain broke! and you can earn while you learn believe me.