58 minutes | Mar 2nd 2018

Double Frequency - Episode 8 "Ableton Live 10"

Double Frequency - Episode 8 "Ableton Live 10" Feat John Holt

Hello Tribe! 

So in this episode were exploring the draws and drawbacks of Ableton live in its latest apparition, Which is Ableton Live 10. Myself ive had some difficulty with getting to grips with they way its initially placed in front of you and changing a decade of mindset towards being a linear DAW platform. Even FL works on a linear structure for music creation but Ableton is defaulting to something completely new for me. 


it turns out i'm not alone in this!

John Holt has a free introduction to Ableton on youtube. HERE


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Ableton Live 10: Tips & Tricks

Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks  - Multiplier - Interview

Adam Pollard, aka Multiplier, delivers some of his best tips and tricks for Ableton Live 10. Discover and explore a vast range of topics covering workflow, editing, production, mixing and more, all allowing you to get the most from Ableton Live 10!

Adam begins by welcoming you and gives an introduction to the course, prerequisites, and the purpose of all the video tutorials. He then dives in and delivers a boat load of bite size tutorials, all designed to maximize your Ableton Live 10 user experience.

Learn some of Adam’s best secrets and apply them to your Ableton Live workflow and see how your audio production world expands, both technically and creatively.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re ready to get into the finer points of Ableton Live 10 and unlock some new doors, this series is the key to a new Ableton Live universe… Watch “Ableton Live 10 Tips & Tricks” now!