37 minutes | Jun 26th 2016

Episode 5: VR Theatre Jasper Patterson

Jasper Patterson has been a Theatre Producer and Director and currently has an Art collective called Rackor with the mission of forming the human interaction between virtual reality technology and live performance. 
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“We have the opportunity to open ourselves more and use it as what’s been called the ultimate empathy machine and use it to connect to others half-way across the Globe in ways that’s never been possible before and create new forms of emotional connections that were not even conceivable before this technology was distributed in the ways it is now.” – Jasper


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Topics in this episode include:


  • Art collective Rackor
  • Vaudeville circus – theater with interaction to live audience
  • One of static shot of the first films by Georges Méliès
  • Language of cinematography
  • Media based culture
  • Comedy
  • Dario Fo and the commedia dell’arte
  • Folk theater
  • Opportunity to reinvent how we consume media
  • “World building“, Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man)
  • Designing video games with challenge, risk, and reward
  • The Flying Karamazov Brothers
  • Theater based on audience feedback
  • Digital music juggling instruments
  • Challenges with live performances in giving new experiences
  • Dying art form of theater
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Interactive characters at corporate (Google) events
  • Event at Mozilla with Josh Carpenter
  • 20 years of Sci-Fi to mine from
  • The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson (book)
  • Structured improv theater
  • Live Twitch audience feedback
  • The Youtube star
  • Television is a cold medium
  • Live gaming
  • Live audience become part of the story and interact with the viewer
  • Performers and live actors who understand how to work in real time to create story around and about the viewers
  • Commitment of putting on a VR headset
  • Wave VR multiplayer rave project
  • Performing at music festival
  • Tony’s David Bowie tribute band performance at SF Gay Pride day
  • Dopamine from connecting with a large audience
  • Dopamine released from the anticipation of the drop
  • The Drop for Codame festival
  • Felix and Paul’s Cirque du Soleil Kurios
  • Unity green screen project
  • Occipital augmented reality
  • Funding to take VR camera to Clowns with Borders project bringing clowns and comedians to Syrian refugee camps
  • Bringing the humanity back with VR
  • “The greatest artist canvas of our time”