207 minutes | Jan 18th 2021

Episode 150: Evander HORNYfield (DTIP 4 Year Anniversary)

On episode 150 of "Don't Take It Personal" the guys are back on what happens to be the 4 year anniversary of the podcast. Deviating from what typically is discussed, the guys start off talking about multiple aspects of being toxic in today's society. Topics discussed: - Is it okay for a man/woman to leave their partner when they get on? (14:40) - Should a man be okay with the woman being the bread winner (24:05) - Accepting cheating in your relationship (29:15) - The reality of threesomes (45:10) - Lori Harvey (55:01) - Societys view of dark skin women vs. light skin women (01:19:35) - Is self improvement for you or others? (01:48:45) - The truth about black sitcoms (02:14:43) - How to improve the world of podcasting (02:30:56) - What's kept Dallas from being a top tier rap city (02:39:22) - Funk Flex vs. Jay-Z (03:15:15) Jay Wil - @jaywiletc Hollywood Kas - @smashinginabunkbed (Instagram)/@hollywoodkas (Twitter) Nahm Dee - @nahm_dee
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