129 minutes | Nov 30th 2020

Episode 143 Ft. Cameron Tendaji: Makin' Moves With Cam

On episode 143 of "Don't Take It Personal" the guys take a break from recording to enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday. So this week we decided to drop a recent conversation Jay Wil had with friend of the show Cam Tendaji. Like Jay Wil, Cam is making strides in Hollywood as a writer, and he recently got a deal done for a few of his projects. In the discussion, they talk about the process of writing, the struggles of getting your work out there, the future of Hollywood, their influences, and much more. Follow us on all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) - @dtipodcast1 & subscribe to us on iTunes. Be sure to leave a comment/review Jay Wil - @jaywiletc Hollywood Kas - @smashinginabunkbed (Instagram)/@hollywoodkas (Twitter) Nahm Dee - @nahm_dee Cameron Tendaji - @illumindaji
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